About Access to Success

The University of the Western Cape (UWC) personifies hope and resilience. Many of our alumni have made a lasting contribution to society, often in spite of less than ideal circumstances. They have proved that with access to quality education, anything is possible.

It is with this in mind that we have launched the #AccesstoSuccess campaign, which focuses on providing much-needed funding to students who are performing well academically, but who cannot afford university fees.

#AccesstoSuccess includes:
  • a public media fundraising campaign;
  • an alumni phonathon where current students gather testimonies from alumni and request regular, affordable annual donations; and
  • a pledge system to allow UWC staff to contribute.

Why you should donate

With issues of higher education and the sustainability of universities in South Africa under an intense spotlight, your support of our University is more important than ever.

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Alumni & Staff

As a UWC alumnus or staff member, you understand the importance and impact of a quality education. With #AccesstoSuccess, you now have the chance to afford this same education to students ? giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential and become contributing members of society, such as yourself.

In other words, if UWC students succeed, South Africa succeeds.

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Corporate Donors

By making a tax-deductible donation to the University of the Western Cape, companies can link their brands to a university, which holds a special place in higher education in South Africa. Our staff and students played a leading role in the struggle for a democratic South Africa and were part of the process of negotiating the country?s transition.

We remain committed to the potential of this country, on all levels ? be it by providing educational opportunities, making scholarly contributions that address some of the country?s most pressing concerns, or simply by speaking out on urgent national issues. And we are a truly modern university ? UWC has quickly come to be recognised as a South African institution acclaimed for its research. Among other areas, we are becoming a hub for astronomy research, hosting several national research chairs ? linked to the International Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project ? that are playing their part in the building and operations of the world?s largest and most sophisticated radio telescope.

Friends and Supporters

You do not have to be an alumnus of UWC to support it. If you have an interest in the role that higher education can play in our democracy and development, the University of the Western Cape is the Institution to support. We are changing the country for the better in so many ways, and your contribution will allow us to continue doing so.

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