Apply for funding

Students who wish to apply for funding through the Access to Success initiative must complete the Financial Assistance Application Form and submit it to the Financial Aid Office on campus. Applicants will be selected by the Student Financial Aid Sub-Committee.

Criteria for Receiving Support

Financial assistance will be awarded to UWC students who meet the following criteria:

  • Students who demonstrate financial need that is endorsed by the Student Financial Development Support Office;
  • Students pursuing either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree; and
  • Students who are academically eligible.
The Offer
  • The student must meet above-mentioned requirements.
  • Upon acceptance of the offer, the student must attend an annual lunch with the donors.
  • The student must agree to be publicly profiled as a beneficiary of the Access to Success campaign.
Award Conditions
  • The financial assistance is subject to the availability of funding.
  • The offer is valid for only one academic year.