Alumni Phonathon

During the month of August, the Alumni Office embarks on a month long Alumni Phonathon that forms part of the institutional Access to Success fundraising campaign. The objectives of the UWC Alumni Phonathon include:

  • Promoting engagement between UWC and its Alumni by contacting 15 000 alumni during the month;
  • Improving the accuracy of the alumni donor pool and alumni data; and
  • Promoting the university and special initiatives as well as fundraise for student fees.

The Alumni Phonathon draws on several institutional stakeholders, as well as incorporating 60 current Work Study students into the programme as “student callers”. Through the Phonathon a platform is provided for the students to connect with former students (alumni) in meaningful discussion and seek critical career advice from alumni. The student callers gain vital engagement experience by speaking to a diverse Alumni population.

All donations accrued through the annual Alumni Phonathon are tax deductible. In 2018, more than R400 000 was dispersed, with the contributions of the Access to Success campaign, to support 52 academically deserving financially needy students.